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Applying to the SCHORISCH Group

Jobs and Careers

Since the company was founded in 1920, SCHORISCH has continuously developed into a healthy, medium-sized group of companies. Our employees are characterized by consistent commitment to first-class quality, which is a key factor in the success story of the SCHORISCH Group.

SCHORISCH Group – An Attractive Employer

  • Perfectly healthy, medium-sized group of companies with two competence centers: steel construction and electronics.
  • Modern workplace thanks to continuous investment in the latest technologies
  • Challenging jobs with the opportunity to take responsibility quickly
  • Flat hierarchies with short communication paths

If you are interested in working in the SCHORISCH Group, apply for one of our current job vacancies or find out more about our training opportunities.

Personnel Philosophy

Employees are a decisive factor in ensuring the lasting success of the company.

Of course, this also applies to SCHORISCH. We employ experts from a wide variety of commercial and technical areas. As part of the SCHORISCH team, you recognize that being there for our customers is an ongoing task. At the same time, the challenges created by the opening-up of markets also require a high level of flexibility from employees. The SCHORISCH Group currently employees approximately 150 staff, including apprentices.

Social responsibility is of great significance to us, which is why we focus on people. As a company we are dependent on our employees, their skills, and their commitment. Whether it be the joint development of customer solutions, intelligent engineering of our customers’ products, working on our construction sites in hydraulic steel construction, or in marketing our competencies in an advisory capacity.

We are only able to meet our high performance quality standards because they are based on interdisciplinary teams. Diversification is not a foreign concept for us, but an everyday reality. Experienced, longstanding employees and new, young colleagues work together on solutions for our customers. For this purpose, we provide them with the freedom to act and opportunities to develop their personal abilities and apply them in a well-coordinated team. It doesn’t matter whether they are just starting their careers or are already working in a profession – anyone who stands out through the quality of their work will receive targeted support.

In addition to a sound qualification, we expect outstanding commitment from our employees and complete openness toward colleagues and customers. Ultimately, our strength lies in the partnership-based cooperation of all employees, which contributes to the success of our customers and thus also becomes our success.

Let our success story also become your professional success story.

Dual Study Program in the SCHORISCH Group

The SCHORISCH Group, in cooperation with the FH NORDAKADEMIE in Elmshorn and the TH Brandenburg, offers a dual degree with a degree

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at the North Academy
Bachelor of Engineering at the TH Brandenburg
The seven-semester study program, which we see as the entry of potential junior staff into our group of companies, consists of two phases per semester with the training goal of perfectly combining economy and technology:

Requirements of suitable applicants

a good high school diploma or a very good college entrance qualification
very good knowledge of mathematics and physics
Enthusiasm, sense of responsibility, assertiveness
clear, lived values ​​and social competence
The combination of practical training and well-founded theoretical knowledge gives you an excellent
Starting position as an entry into professional life – as a potential junior manager of the SCHORISCH Group.

If you have any questions or want to apply directly, please contact us.


The skills of our employees are the guarantee of our future success. As we have a great interest in utilizing the potential of young people, vocational training has an important role at SCHORISCH.

We offer occupational beginners the opportunity to shape their future career with us in various apprenticeships. You bring your talents and interests, we assist you with our support during the apprenticeship and give you the opportunity to learn your profession from scratch.

The SCHORISCH Group offers the following apprenticeships at the specified sites:

Wentorf bei Hamburg

  • Industriekaufmann (m/w)
  • Elektroniker für Geräte & Systeme (m/w)

Karstädt in der Prignitz (Brandenburg)

  • Industriemechaniker (m/w)
  • Konstruktionsmechaniker (m/w)
  • Fertigungsmechaniker (m/w)
  • Industriekaufmann (m/w)

Bewerben Sie sich gerne initiativ.

Students – Interns – Bachelor / Master Thesis

An early connection between theory and practice is more important today. We offer you inexpensive, committed students from universities, technical colleges or vocational academies who want to prepare for their careers in a goal-oriented and practice-oriented way during their studies, the possibilities that an internship can complete or their thesis.


At Schorisch interns have the opportunity to gain their first hands-on experience. During the internship, we enable you to gain insights into the structure, companies and areas of a medium-sized group of companies.

It is essential that your studies are not foreign and have theoretical knowledge. The application options depend on your main fields of study as well as on the supervision capacities of the SCHORISCH Group.

Diploma Thesis, Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis

In addition, the companies of the SCHORISCH Group offer you the opportunity to write your diploma, master or bachelor thesis. There are a number of interesting projects and other starting points in the various business areas.

You must send us your detailed application documents. Please tell us your field of study, the period and the desired area in our group, in which you want to make your work.

Talk to us. Contact to Jobs & Careers at Schorisch

Please enclose your application with a complete resume, copies of your university entrance credentials, your respective credentials and, in the case of mandatory internships, a certificate from the student secretariat and a valid enrollment certificate.

We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to hearing from you.

Occupational Beginners – Professionals

As a successful, medium-sized group of companies, SCHORISCH Group is an interesting company for occupational beginners as well as professionals with a recognized academic qualification.

Have you completed your apprenticeship/degree course with above-average grades and are you communicative, team-oriented, and performance-oriented?

Have you successfully completed your degree or apprenticeship and gained a few years of work experience? Or do you want to change your career?

The SCHORISCH Group has jobs to offer, with prospects and development opportunities. We have clear ideas about how and where we want to further develop the operational subsidiaries of SCHORISCH AG. We can only achieve these ambitious goals if we have qualified and committed employees.

Then SCHORISCH is right for you, as we offer the ideal environment for young and experienced people who are eager to make an impact and are creative. Click here to find out more about SCHORISCH as an employer.

Click below to view our job vacancies.

Job Vacancies

SCHORISCH Elektronik GmbH
(Wentorf bei Hamburg site)

Open Positions in SCHORISCH Elektronik
Open Positions in SCHORISCH Magis GmbH