Plant construction: Double trough holds 230 tons of molten salt / special ovens for the automotive and aerospace industries

Karstädt (kw). Salt baths are part of everyday production in the automotive industry when it comes to the compensation of aluminum components. A particularly handsome specimen of this genus with a total weight of 97 tons was supplied by SCHORISCH Magis’ steelworkers to a supplier in the aerospace industry.

The metal sheets are immersed in these liquid salt filled, double-walled special containers in order to treat them thermally. In this case, the length of 20 meters even enough to compensate for large components for the production of aircraft wings. The oversized “bathtub” with 230 tons of liquid salt, which is heated to 500 degrees Celsius in an industrial furnace for the tempering process, can be filled.

Aluminum is used primarily for road and air traffic as a contribution to weight savings. The material is tempered to give it high strength.

The special trough from Karstädt consists of an outer container made of unalloyed steel and the smaller crucible made of stainless steel inside, which is filled with salt at the start of production. The crucible has been elaborately insulated because it is designed to reliably hold the very high heat and not to give it away to the environment. Most of the production was carried out by hand, as the tub had to withstand the pressure of 230 tons of liquid salt.

With the help of cranes, the steelworkers put the two individual parts into one another and loaded them onto a low loader. The transport to the destination was finally on land and by water.

“The construction of this special container,” says Detlef Möhr, “was even a challenge for us.” Compared to the salt baths that are manufactured for the automotive industry in Karstädt, the manufacture of this bath had already been very time-consuming. The managing director of SCHORISCH Magis: “The large order proves once again to us what a high level of manufacturing competence and what image our team has developed in steel and plant construction in recent years. We are particularly proud of that. “For such large orders, the steel manufacturers in Karstädt have 5,000 square meters of production space available.

However, Brandenburgers are not only sought after in the construction of industrial furnaces throughout Germany; They also supply the necessary assembly units. In addition, they produce complex assemblies as well as other plants for different industries. An additional specialty of the 80-strong team of engineers, steel workers and welders is the nationwide equipping of waterways with components made of aluminum, stainless steel and black steel.

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The construction of double-walled salt baths for the automotive and aviation industries is a specialty of SCHORISCH Magis’ steelmakers. In Karstadt, Brandenburg, such a “bathtub” with a total weight of 97 tons was built.

Photo: SCHORISCH group

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The SCHORISCH Group, which is dedicated to the design, engineering, service and maintenance of demanding projects, has two locations.

The steel construction competence center in Karstädt (Brandenburg) has a wide range of know-how in steel and metal construction as well as hydraulic steel construction. A specialty is the production of industrial furnaces and the construction of special containers made of steel. Another trademark of SCHORISCH MAGIS is the renovation of historic steel structures such as bridges or weirs.

The electronics competence center is located in Wentorf near Hamburg. In addition to electronics manufacturing, it is considered a reliable service provider for the development and production of assemblies and devices as well as in control cabinet construction. Electronic modules from SCHORISCH Elektronik are reliable in many technical systems.

SCHORISCH AG is headed by Kirsten Schönharting.

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