Emil Schlumberger, the managing director of SCHORISCH Elektronik GmbH, emphasizes that his company as a development and manufacturing service provider is constantly confronted with the obsession problem of its customers. In response to that, a new idea of service has been developed.

Many companies are faced with the problem that ICs on old assemblies are hardly available on the international market. For this reason, the companies are dependent on obtaining old ICs from unsafe channels. There are negative side effects, such as the high prices of broker products and forgeries. For this challenge Schorisch Elektronik has expanded his range of services with a new solution which is based on the fact that obsolete ICs have a function-like surface mount device succession component. In contrast to THT components which based on Through Hole Technology, the SMD components have to be soldered directly at the intended connection surfaces of the circuit board. The production technician identifies these modules with many THT components and then designs a piggyback board with which the SMD component is soldered to the base board. The previous THT block dimensions can usually be adhered to, so that no design change has to be made on the previous module. The new piggyback module can be used as a spare module for the THT component which is not available.

With this procedure, we save our customers from unnecessarily high redesign costs,“ says Emil Schlumberger, the managing director of SCHORISCH Elektronik. „Companies are provided with security of supply and ensure the long-term availability of their products.


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